Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
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2002-02-14 01:39:18 (UTC)

A Week!!

The puppies turned a week old yesterday!Grrr!And she still
hasnt sent the pictures!Double grr!Well, the count down
begins!Six more weeks till we get the dog!Woohoo!

Today..Hmmm...what happened today..Not much really..Unless
I just dont remember..Oh yah!In Health, instead of bringing
jello, JavaGirl brought in cookie sickle cells.Its ends up
that we cant present our report untill a few weeks.The
cookies would go stale by them.Oh well!The class's loss,
me, JavaGirl, and Plum's gain!Mwahah!We pigged out on it in
lunch class(Yes!Its a class now!).Everyone started coming
over begging for some.Hate you one day, love you the next
(conveniantly the day that you have a bunch of cookies in
your grasp)

Well, I finally came up with a title for my new story.Hows
this..."Journey Through The Mist".Before I go to bed each
night I think about what I should write in the next
part.Thats not real smart cause I start dreamin about
it.Believe me, this can be bad.I wrote some really bazaar
stuff in the story that ya wouldnt want to go
through.Actually, one part in the story does take place in
a strange sorta dream world.Bazaaaaar..haha..

Wow!This is my shortest entry yet, I think.And my entries
dont get too short.Boring day I guess.I'm probably
forgetting a hole bench of stuff anyway.Oh, well.I may
remember it tomorrow...

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