The Nightshade Princess
2002-02-14 01:31:17 (UTC)

Love Letter

This one is for my beloved Prince. LesTaT - holding
you this day, letting my cool, white hands rest on your
warm face, feeling your arms around me.... in this I felt
the most peace I have known in so long. I burned for your
lips, but that was not to be on this day. The fragrance of
cologne commingled with skin was oddly maddening.
Tomorrow... well, tomorrow I hope to wrap my arms around
you and not let go, to hold you until one of us has to
leave. I see invisible tears behind your smile, something
cold and dark overshadowing every thought. I read your
journal and it's like finding blood on the floor, or in the
water when you've been swimming. I know that there is
pain, and I know you feel as unwanted and unloved as I in
life. Mirrors make us cry. You are the most beautiful
creature I could imagine. I want nothing more than to
clothe you in satin and cover you in soft kisses and the
warmth of my arms. I love you, and I can care for you,
because I understand what you feel and what you need.
Visions of us pass through my mind. Where once were
torn, bleeding, dying beings, razor wire, suicides, broken
glass... now are pictures of the two of us in each other's
arms, laughing and tickling and cuddling. My head is on
your chest and your arms are around me as we drift off to
sleep. I love you. I love the look in your eyes when you
say my name. I love the softness of your voice when you
tell me you love me... I love the shape of your body when
we embrace, and your scent when my lips brush your neck.
The way you laugh, all your tenderness, the voice coming
from deep within you... these things set me adrift on
beautiful thoughts and sensual daydreams. I want to share
with you things that have touched me deeply, everything
that has tickled or cut, all the most spiritual
experiences. I want to stroll with you among the
headstones of the cemeteries I know, to stand with you on
the shores of the ocean at 2 AM. I want to wander the
cities with you by my side.
I long to surround you with the beauty that echos your
own, that you do not see... I wish to show you all the
secret places within me, and all the secret places that I
know in the world. If only I could show you what I see....
I love you, my Prince...