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2002-02-14 00:45:52 (UTC)

Spookycutie travels the World

Peekaboo I see you!
Once upon a time in there was a living dead boy named Zebedee who
lived with his lovely Living dead girl Bugalugs and there 2 children
(cats) Golinz(the naughty) Madea (the evil) They lived in a little
cottage. Near a mean witch, but she was banished by the kindly
realestate agent. Now Zebedee and Bugalugs were happy for alot of the
time and drunk for the other. But slowly there love grew cold and
they yelled and screamed for no good reason and Zebedee became a
monster of sorts and they broke up, but they could not truely part
from each other because they loved fuck! Then one day Zebedee said to
bugalugs Im of to travel the world! Bugalugs said ok have fun! (but
she was shattered at the loss of her love and slowly her life fell
apart from the inside) "What a selfish bastard he is to leave me
alone in my time of need". But She let him go anyway, because she
knew it was what he needed to do....

This is the beginning of the end, a diary of my travels around the
world, My name is Zebedee, and I recently left my gourgeous girl
friend Bugalugs in Australia to travel the world. It's been three
month's since I left Australia and I miss her so much! Things went
really well when I first got to London, I had a great live in job
with food and money, but recently My life took a turn for the worst,I
was fired for know reason and beat up and now Im homeless and slowly
running out of money! Im finding it hard to find another job, but I
don't want to have to go back yet to Australia. Im lucky though Ive
made some good friends and thing's are bound to improve soon, my
chariote is rolling forward and my life shall not be stopped!

Lots of Lovekittens


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