No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-02-13 23:43:55 (UTC)

AHH! Yes, AHH!

ahh. yes ahh. I just dont freaking know anymore, do you? I
really kinda hope you do, that'd help me a lot. I bet your
thinking I sound kinda physco, sorry. I'm mad. yeah, that'd
be it. my dad is moving back here to work at FHS (on
highway 60) next month. yeah, great. I do NOT want anything
to do with my step mother,at all. I dont care
if that sounds bitter and judgemental. I really dont. and I
dont care how selfish that sounds either. I really hope
this doesnt show how bad my day will be tomorrow. I want a
good day for once. so if you know me, give me a hug
tomorrow? lol, you dont really have to. I love you guys.
i'd write a poem, but I'm trying to calm down. I'm fien
now, I love music it helps soo much.

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