Jenxter's Shitty life in Canada
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2002-02-13 23:28:59 (UTC)

Bummer 13th OF Febuary ----- Valentines Day SUK-O-RAMA

Well well, now im going to be red tomorrow, still have a
itch for mixing some turntables ...feeling the beat and
music enhancing my neurones.... But not at technical
support for the internet company that i work... there is no
music... just call comming in...phones ringing... and on
and.. on.. and on... Valentine Day Wow! haven't had the
chance to do nothing much except to call to have a phone by
monday... Im supposed to move on Friday the 15 th and my
birthday is on the 16th , and there are so many chicks that
wan't to see me and i can't choose... My EX need's me and
of course she is the mother of my child , im the looser
that went away ...she was nagging always at me ..need
money, need cash need..this need that ::

Anyways, there is no hope if you do not try to find it.
I could be searchin, but im so bashfull that i think that
the glitter of "SUPERSTARDOM" is really not as you see it
on T.V. Sure im a Actor, Writer, Scriptter, Director, Dee-
Jay, Computer 3D-Designer,Musician, .... no i do not
sing... I will not say what type of sitcom or movies that
ive been on since my agant say's that it's gonna be
naughty .......

Well your born a millionaire, you die a billionaire
Your born poor and live long with a rich heart ... never
dies..... ---------------------- jenxter --------