Angela Nicole

2002-02-13 22:55:51 (UTC)

Mardi Gras

I went to Mardi Gras for 3 days.. I had a blast.. It's
pretty wild.. LOTS OF TITS witch I LOVED!!! From like 11am
to 4 am we were drinking all three days it was wild. My
sister went with them me.. I got so many beads.. I didnt
show my boobs.. I would have but everytime a girl flashed
you would see all these flashes going off.. It was kinda
stupid thats all guys wanted was pics of tits.. I would
have if there was no cameras. My luck my pic would have
ended up on the net or some crazy thing like that..Well I'm
gonna go .. I have lots of homework to do.. i'll write
y'all later..