Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-04-28 03:16:26 (UTC)'s 6am, i feel so far from where i've been...

"Dreams last for so long...even after you're gone..."

I don't need sleep anymore...I've become immune to a chipmunk high on crack.

If that made any sense to you at all then I feel sorry for
ya cos that means you're in the same place that I am...

I shopped today...for 5 hours to be exact. And yes, I will
bore you with the frivolous details....

I bought...pants, a skirt, two shirts, shoes, earrings, 7
funky panties, belly chains, pjz, made copies of my keys,
got a pink keychain thing, and a movie.

And I was told I was being quite social...

Had a happy conversation with the locksmith and met a new


Golly Gosh.

Gee Wilikers, even!

I've been having bad reactions to the Prozac for the past
two days....cos when you're on and off it as much as I am
you start to develope flue-like symptoms untill you take it
regularly again.


I almost died....while in the car, and in the middle of a
sentence, a flood of pain washed over my skull and sunk
deep into my brain until I saw the color white and thought
I would pass out.

Luckilly it went away.

And just in time too!!

We were passing by pre-pubescent thugged out little boys
that were pretending their ice tea bottle was
liquore....and of course they had to pull off that "My
voice has changed" walk and try to seem kool.

My stomache was in turbulence and I had half a mind to
vomit all over them.

I also wondered how they would make that look kool....

I wonder too much

Tis the moral of the day