In the Eyes of a Dreamer
2002-02-13 22:07:25 (UTC)

'Dispute' is one awesome band......

Hey hey hey! whats up? not a whole lot here, haven't
written for a couple days. I've been painting my tv stand
and stuff. it's lookin pretty cool. today i went over to my
friends house to watch his band play. they have a
competition this saturday, and i can't go cuz i got solo-
and-ensemble. :( but he invited me over to watch them, and
they're really great! If they win this weekend they get a
contract for an album or something, so that's pretty cool!
I could wish nothing better for them! they have a rock-type
sound, it's really cool. the friend i mentioned is the
singer, and he's a gorgeous guy with a great voice, he
looks like the rock-type, lol. Jordan's the greatest musician, i
swear! and Sean, David, and Jared are pretty awesome too! well i'll
be singing in my
own lame competition that day, but after im done im gonna
try to get out to the place and see em.
welp, gotta go, taco nite!


*wearing hurley shirt, listening to the clarks, getting
ready for some dinner. Luv!