Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-13 22:05:31 (UTC)

ONSTAGE!! Ahhhhh!

Well, this is going to be another short one, rehearsal
starts in an hour. Gerri, I wished I hadn't signed up to
help with this stupid play. Its so bad, nobody knows their
lines, or dances or songs. We've been practicing for 5
hours the last 2 nights, so maybe by the last show on
Sunday, it'll be a bit better. I feel bad for inviting
people to this :I Oh well, sacrifices... I need my feet to
hurt from standing, my ears to ring from God only knows was
horrible sound, and I'm so tired, I could fall asleep right
now at the keyboard. Heh, *grumble grumble* ...
Moving on now... I wore my Racer X pants today, hehehe!
And I broke 110 both of my bowling games today. I also
discovered Marvin (the freaky guy that called my house) has
my car in blue!!! Nooooo!!! Mine is so much cooler tho :p
heh. I actually fell asleep in Mythology, then preceded to
wake up to the Hindu version of creation which basically
is 'they don't know how it happened'... Good stuff...
Ok, well about the Indy race. Poor Travis, he was doing so
good, but on the record it wasn't completely RC's fault.
My poor baby just has a really hard time staying on both
wheels, which is kinda helpful in Supercross. I can't
believe the crowd booed Ricky, I personally dislike RC, but
he didn't deserve that. Its racing, shit happens. Travis
has taken people out before, and Bubba isn't afraid to do
whatever it takes either. So, all those who booed, need to
give RC a break! I would have loved to see Travis win, but
the season is far from over.
Oh no!!! I might miss the race on Sat! Ah, oh well, I
promised Carla and Morgian I'd go see Carla's crush's band
with them... HUmmm... I actually heard their CD today, not
to bad, they are a lot like Suicide Machine which is
awesome, so I may actually enjoy it. But I think I would
rather listen to SX, heh, well a girl does need more than
one thing in her life :)...
Ok, well, I need to go to practice *cringes* ....