Zone of Misfortune
2002-02-13 21:16:22 (UTC)

yes well...

So we had rehersal "now with 100% lyrics" the other day,
and it didn't go that bad, or that well...weaver seems
reluctant to sing and not to into the music i
produce...but i'm confident something will work out.

Seems the name will be LT. Destiny...or LtD...which is
fine by me...

What else what else...oh yeah, makeing all these weird
jackie chan movies for sherks social studies class, should
be quite good. Made one for mcguire's little team, and
one for progin's/bamberger. Both are pretty good,
although mcguire's is funnier, but ben's has more action.

Gettin' resumes for my "bloody buddies" this sunday, 6 i
believe...and i'm gonna go play guitar yeah, this
was short and really just a waste, so i'll end it now...

Need to learn to sing/write lyrics