The lost little girl
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2002-02-13 20:53:32 (UTC)

ah hell...!

tomorrow is Valentine's days. ok..i am usually pretty stoked
about it..but this year i am dreading it. I mean i don't
have a Valentine. i don't even have any prospects. i have
nothing. i have shit. yay jane. although i will be going to
kareoke ( spelling..well i don't give a shit about spelling)
...i don't really know if i will have a good time as
everyone is hopeing. Everyone sees it as a great holiday.
but when i look at my mom and see how much it kills her do
deal with it..i get sad. for those of you who don't know.
about 9 years ago my mom and my step dad got married on
Valentine's day....and those who knew that..know that out
come of that...it would end up taking his own life. but i
still can't get over how hard it is on my mom. even after
all these years...she still gets depressed.
I don't really see very much happening today. i may call
kate and see if she can cut a little off my hair....it's
growing to quick and my layers are all fucked. well i have
to jet...ttyl love- janie

Daily quote:
"There's something very important I forgot to tell
"What?"- Venkman
"Don't cross the stream!"-Spengler
"Why?"- Venkmen
"It would be bad."- Spengler
"I'm fuzzy on thw whole good/bad thing.What do you mean
"bad" ?"- Venkman
"Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping
instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at
the speed of light."- Spengler
"Total protonic reversal."- Stantz
"That's bad. Okay. Alright, important safety tip, thanks
Egon." - Venkman--

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