Lisa Ann

Ups & Downs
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2001-04-28 02:07:14 (UTC)

The view is not good...

*********I HATE BOYS!**********
My boyfriend and I went out like I said we were going
to, and I ended up getting the Green Day concert tickets.
I was happy about the whole thing. That is until tonight
when we got together.
Every Friday we spend the night together. We go out
after we both end work for the day and celebrate the end of
the week. Which is extremely nice, because he is the one I
like to tell eveything to. I tell him about the ups and
downs in my week to the dreams I have for the future. He's
the person I want to share a smile and laugh with. I HATE
I drove to ticket master in my red firebird, and I
ordered two Green Day tickets like planed. Matt (my
boyfriend) already had one, so I was getting one for my
friend and myself. My friends name is Laura. Ok, so she
isn't "sure" she is going to go, but I decided to get her a
ticket to hold on to anyways, with my own money. MY OWN
MONEY! When he found out Laura wasn't going for sure he
became pissed at me. He screamed and told me I did
something that I shouldn't have and I was just waisting my
money. If Laura isn't going to go, I am sure I can find
someone to take her spot who would be happy to go. However
he proceeded to tell me that I could have spent my money on
better things like my next oil change, gas, prom, etc. I
was so upset. He screamed at me because I used 30 dollars
of my money how I wanted to. What's up with that? I can't
understand the male sex if my life depended on it. I
swear, I love him so much but he can sure treat me like
shit sometimes and not even know about it.
********I THINK I GOT THE JOB!***********
The job that I was interviewed for called me back!
They said that they were wondering if I was interested in
the job. Ya!!! Now all I have to do is call them back. I
am so excited! Yes! I guess I just have to cross out the
negative of the day and replace it with the positive. The
**************TEST'S SUCK!**********
Mrs. F's test blow chunks! I hate Math. I think I
failed the damn test. What's up with that? I studied, and
I still can't succeed. I guess I just have to study
harder, but hey, I think I study hard enough. I need a
break! A breather! Someone help me out!
********THE END***********
Ok, I have to jet, I am getting tired and I promised a
friend I would call her before midnight. I have some
homework to finish. BBBBLLLLAAAAHHHH!!!! Everyone "Rock
hard and ride free." L~I~S~A