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2002-02-13 20:18:12 (UTC)

Drinkin' Big

I've come to the realization that my r.a. is a dickhead. He
started off cool, he used to let it slid that we drink 4-5
nights a week, but not anymore. He thinks that if he writes
us up that will get us to stop....incorrect. He just pissed
us off. So last night we decide to go to Bert Lamb's dorm
and drink (he bought us free beer) So Hoffman, Lamb, Cricks-
tofer, Simko, Cro, and I started drinking. Lamb and Cro
played X-box while we played asshole. Hoffman had a clutch
rule of...when ever some drinks its a waterfall starting
with the prez...we all got fucked up. After they were done
with two NFL Fever games we played 3 on 3 caps. Perry vs.
team Poop Dick (name explains must be a non-
perry thing) and team perry got smoked 10-3. Natty Ice owns
everyone. Then Hoffmans girlfriend called and we said she
didn't have nipples, and Bert said it into the phone so she
hung up. Hoffman got all pissed so we sang to him to make
him feel better. What a way to feel better then 5 guys
singing boyz2men, all-4-one, and piano man to you. he soon
joined into the group. We woke up the entire floor but
their ra is cool and just laughed at us. Then we called
people and told them they needed a "hit beef injection". it
was then around 2am so we headed back to dear ol' miller
dorm and bert followed. danny decided he wanted to call my
linze so i gave him the cell #. she answers all pissed off.
and yelled. then danny passed out. everyone else went stevs
room to watch the program then i went to bed locking the
door. when we woke up at 9 bert some how got into our room,
we still dont know how...oh well? Stay tuned for more
adventures of the hiram clan...