A Book of Poems
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2001-04-28 01:47:22 (UTC)

Heard the Word

Have we heard of the water
The soap and the clean,
The dirty, the rotten,
And the sins we redeem?
The miracles of god
Cannot really be spoke
God gave us this Earth
And then the man that awoke
The man had a woman,
And she had the man
They both sinned greatly
And were cast out the land
God he forgives us
The clean and the soiled
For once we had sinned
He knew we weren't loyal
We trust our God
And he gave us his son
But still we are filthy
Seeking out fun
We litter, polute
And kill of all our life
Slowely our destruction
Will end all this strife
I speak of a turmoil
Not a happy time
We are killing ourselves
Which is my purpose for rhyme.