Snowy's Saga
2002-02-13 19:52:32 (UTC)

Day before Valentine's Day

Well, its the day before Valentine's Day, and although I
am not expecting Simon to do anything for me, I'm still
secretly hoping that he will. Lately things have been ok
with us, not exactly like they used to, but better than
they were last week when I was crying every night. The
main problem right now is that I want to visit him next
weekend and I am not sure if he really wants me to. It's
not that he doesn't want to see me, i know he does, but he
doesn't want me to be bored. Poor Si doesn't understand
that I'm not driving down there to have fun at a bar; I am
driving down there to see him.
But at least I'm not sitting around waiting for him when
he's no ready to commit to me. Saturday night I hung out
with this really cute guy Tony that i'm friends with, and
he stayed the night. We didn't do anything besides kiss,
but it was definitely nice to sleep in someone's arms
again. And then theres this kid Brian in my class that's
really cute and sweet. He called me last nite and even
though he's shy, I could really like him. Then there's the
guy that Kristin wants to set me up with, so I'm waitin for
a planned date. It's weird though, because I still care so
much about Simon that I'mnot sure if I even want anybody
else yet. Well, hopefully by this weekend, I'll have some
idea as to who will be my Valentine!!!


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