Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-02-13 18:56:06 (UTC)


Fuuuuck! I just got back from Sharons house, it was boring,
but ok. May dropped me off, I got out and there was Sammie
and all her mates laughing "Ah, watch out, she'll bite you"
You know whaT? I wish I fucking could. They just stand
there looking up at my window checking for me. Fuck
them. "we're so hard and cool, we smoke dope and share
cigarettes and listen to slipknot. Yeah, hehe and we drink....cider
from a bottle.We're so hard"

Oh yeah? Well 1] over half the people in this country
smoke, so?
2]Is dope all you can stand? Come on kids, try something a
little harder. Maybe it'll push them over the edge, haha.
3]Alcohol, Wtf? So, I drink vodka. I drink spirits, I don't drink any
trash just because it's the only type I can get, I'd rather do
4]Yeah, well I remember that time in year 8 when I had a
slipknot poster in my locker and you all tore it down
because they were "metal" and "oh so satanic", haha.
You're going straight to hell, hypocrites!
Sammi will just keep sucking up to her spoilt brat mum and
her fuckass dad and she gets away with everything.