Lil. Playful
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2002-02-13 18:53:48 (UTC)

Get over it!!

Life always throws things at you and you dont know how to
catch them sometimes...its hard enough to not know your dad
but its even harder when your mom tells you that shes not
sure who the hell is your dad. My mom told me this the
other day she had told me a long time ago that my dad was
some guy...but just yesturday she said she was not sure. My
mom thinks that nothing has effected me from my childhood
and i act like if that is true but uts not everything has a
big impact on me. Im like a ballon...slowly filling with
air but iam at the point where im about to burst, i did
start to cry on the way home yesturday while my best friend
and my boyfriend were walking home but, my boyfriend left
before i started to cry, my best friend gave me a big hug i
felt loved and i did need that so much and i promised
myself that i would tell my boyfriend whats wrong with me
but... i don feel like hes not going to understand me. i
dont feel like telling my favorite teacher because he
probably has enough problems with his other students. Life
is hard and i dont know what to do right now but i did need
to talk about this, its hard right now there is so much
that i have on my mind and its all packed in there and im
going to end up really hurt...well thats enough from me i
guess ill write more later.bye. ***I LOVE JORGE*** or i
think its love its sure not "like" no its love.

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