Days of My Life
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2001-04-28 01:38:41 (UTC)

My buddy is back in town!

I got to talk to Scottish Bill tonight for the first time
in over a week! He's been in Florida on business since
last Tuesday. I didn't realize until tonight just how
much I've missed talking to him. Every time I get into a
conversation with him, I'm in a better mood! Is there an
affair in the future? I don't know. All I know is
this....Dave has become almost completely impotent. He
can't even get an erection now! I love my husband, but I
need a physical relationship, too. If he can't give it to
me, I might just have to look elsewhere. I know that
sounds really harsh, but I'm only 44 years old! My sex
life cannot be over and done with! It just can't! Bill
and I are having lunch this Thursday. I told him I would
rather go to his place for lunch. We're talking about it.
He's very worried about how I'll handle the aftermath. I
don't know, either. But I'm willing to find out. hee hee