Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-02-13 18:11:07 (UTC)


I know it is wrong to feel this way for this person.
Everything is at stake, isnt it. I am still falling waiting
to be saved and caught but no one seems to see me.
Screaming at the top of my lungs in the most crowded room
and no one even thinks to look up or hear me. Nothing to
say, nothing to feel, nothing but pain and suffering. Alone
in this world and all by myself. The only people who really
understand me are in a hell of a mes themselves. Life is
not protected by those you love for they let go first.
Finding you care so much when you were never even sure
about yourself. It isnt that deep, only a flesh wound that
barely cuts the skin. Only done so I can feel the pain and
remember that I am still alive in this world. Although
sometimes Id rather not be. What am I living for... in all
actuality no one will care. They will remember the evil
things I have done to them. But what can I say.. I am a
demon patreying an angels life. Trapped in both and never
excaping either. I expect that I will be cursed for all of
iternety. BUt what can you do with a curse... (uh NOTHING)
So, oh well, it is there and so am I. I used to love my
life, what happened to it? I dont even know myself anymore.
Shouldnt I know me before I know anyone else? I dont know.
So many confusing ways, it all seems so wrong. Life, death,
love, hate... it all seems wrong. I want to care for this
person but life wont let me. I care, I just dont know how
anymore. I will leave it at that.. that there is only one
certain thing in this whole world of existance.
Everyone will die, you can not stop it. You will die and so
will I.

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