Sporty Tomboy

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2002-02-13 17:55:47 (UTC)


well doods im done with computer applications stuffs and
things so im here and this week has been the bestest thanks
everybodys who i knows whove made me feel all love for my
birthday :) i love all my people! and wow ashley and me
have our first classes together... so what if its just gym
and study hall i have my ASHLEY :) hehehe and she came to
my informal birthday party and what can i say she the
bestest and i luv ya lotz you wrote happy birthday libby on
all the chalkboards :( lol that was so awesome. oh yeah and
sean ashley and me got chased by the police this weekend
and me and ashley were being whores and danced on like
every guy at the dance we saw ;) oh yeah thats the stuff
muahahaha that was so great and 2 girls slow dancing with a
guy is fun and makes every other guy jealous cuz we damn
sexy lol and we went in the cemetary and the car wouldnt
start that was funny haha footsteps and sounds from the air
in cemetarys at night is not always a fun thing. but this
weekend has totally rocked and my birthday was the bestest
cuz i love all you guysies my friends rule :) hehe sean and
me were having pillow fights yesterday I AM NOT A GIRL
AHHHH sorry ashley you was on the phone when that happened
cuz well yeah that was crazy we were screaming in your ear
im sorry lol i love wrestling my bro :) WE DYED JAMIS HAIR
RED HELL YEAH flaming hair and her mom thought she was
bleeding out of her hair hows that possible lol :) and jami
you are just the cutest ever... mommy can i have a happy
meal :) my hat looks so awesome on you you should have it
not me man, well lets see so much awesome stuff going on in
my life nows i cant even explain it all. well we been
working on rythmic gymnastics stuff for gym and its sooo
funny lol me and ashley decided we doing the senior pep
rally dance next year cuz we can do that cuz we dance too
much for our own good and it would be funny. lol im SKANKIN
IT TO DEPENDS muahahaha! lol thats so funny with the rope.
oh man im gunna be dyin of laughter. :) woah well ashley
our dancing stuff is too funny and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY
march 3rd only one more year til your 18 yay and hopefully
we gunna get that house with sean will you me dru and chris
that would be the total kewlest thing ever. and staying in
that house on the lake this summer with the hidden tunnel
awww sean we love you man! *HUGGGGGGGGGGGGIEEES* and patti
i love you your my fiance :) haha my lover wasnt in skool
yesterday i wanted to give him my lover boy candy heart
(thanx general for those they were soooo yummy dood happy
valentines day to you too :)) mary i luv ya and our
chemistry times together... the SLUDGE lab is um
interesting and blowing up balloons screaming things bout
how we cant blow it. oh yeah. and your so right sean
biggerstaff is damn fine but hes yours yup yup cuz i love
my dru :) thanx for the dream too lol that was so funny.
break a leg lol. did mark peterson get your letter yet? lol
tell me how THAT went. oh my... and i love your book we
read in the car :)

love ya all lotzzz shit bell just rang... libbers

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