The Daily Babble
2002-02-13 17:34:59 (UTC)


I don't have much time to write nowadays between working,
school, and making Andrew and Christine's webpage, so
you'll have to forgive me. But not much has been going on
recently...I went through the day where I started dwelling
on the whole Jill thing again...I talked with Jeff and came
to the conclusion that I'm just going to hold off on any
contact cuz I obviously can't handle it. Everything's
making me crazy and I'm honestly taking things personally
because of the fact that she's contacting Cathlin and not
me, you know? So I was going to give her a phone call but
then I decided on it. Jeff made me realize that if I did
leave a message and she didn't call me back, then I would
be even more upset. And he's right. So that's that.

And I'm not having that great a day today. I just feel
like crap and I don't know why. I have a headache and just
feel really really tired. Plus I'm supposed to have lunch
with Adam today but he never emailed me or anything about
when we're meeting so if he doesn't call, then I'm not
going to run after him...I'm really tried of going after
people who I think are my friends and then when it comes
down to hanging out, that I have to like track them down
and practically make them hang out with me. I'm hoping
he'll call but if not, I'm still going out on my own.

But on a bright note...WE'RE GOING TO HAWAII!!! Jeff got
the tickets yesterday. Sooo exciting...Now I just hope
nothing goes wrong on my part so cross your fingers for me!

Well that's all for now...