A Book of Poems
2001-04-28 01:33:17 (UTC)

Death is Upon Me...

This poem was my first written. I was assigned a poet
to research and in turn I was required to creat my own poem
in using the same style as the poet. Thank You Maya
Angela, you have been my inspiration. Because of Maya's
depressive technique on relating to life and morality I
have become a better person, more understanding, open
minded and less judgmental. She was pure guiness in her
writing and one day I hope to have my poems touch people as
hers have.


I walk a few miles
Across many lands
And as I walk
Dust and dirt
Covers my hands
The dust is my burdens
That I have to escape
I am giving my life
New size,and new shape
I walked a little longer
And Just a litle Farther
Missing them much,
My mother and father
Should I turn back?
Should I accept
The hurt and the pain
And all my debt?
But I will no longer ponder
Because with this last little sigh
My world will turn gray
And now, i will die...