little mind farts...
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2002-02-13 17:13:11 (UTC)

and the beat goes on...

i have a crush and i am slightly jealous of the
situation that whirls around him. i don't know why. i think
that it is that time of the month so i am getting rather
emotional. i have known of him for a while but i just
recently got really attracted to him. i don't want to even
really admit it b/c what if this is just like, some
temporary shit. what if this guy doesn't even like me back?
i don't know...too much to think about.
all of my male friends are showing me and telling me the
things that they bought their girlfriends and well i am
sitting here...single. it's okay b/c i will spend
valentine's day pampering myself. :0) everyone seems to be
urking me today. i hate it when i feel like this....

-michelle :0)

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