The Princess
2002-02-13 17:06:05 (UTC)

The Princess Diary

I'm still here at this ole drafty castle. The Prince is
being somewhat nice to me this past month. Even paying to
have my carriage painted. I still wait for employement.
I've had to attend a couple funerals this month. One was
the princes sisiter in law, and the other was my sisters,
father in law. I recieved more bad news the other day. My
sister has lung cancer.. She also has emphazema &
continues to smoke. I don't see her making it to the end
of this year, once her treatments start, as in radiation &
chemo, I look for her to go way down hill. I am so
preparing myself for such an untimely death. So when the
time comes, It won't be such a shock.
If anyone cares to read my other diary, it is located on Just type in Secret40 in the find box
and will take you to it. It has coca cola bears on it.
That way you know tis is mine.
I must depart you now Dear Diary.. Till Next Time!

~* PrincessBlue *~