Mysterious Attitude
2001-04-28 01:21:39 (UTC)

Friday April 27, 2001

7:55 pm

Aight I know I haven't wrote for a few dayz.. So I got a
lot to write.....

~~~Wensday Night bout 1 am sumthin~~~

I was on the phone with Chuck until like 2 am on a skool
night!!! We got in a lil fight cuz he seems to be jealous
of Bobby, Nick, and whoever else.. So I told him that he
was.. and he said " Why Would I be jealous over mexican
trash?" ( he was sayin that bout Bobby) So when he
said "Mexican Trash" it got me mad as hell.. cuz I don't
like racist shit.. and then I was sayin how many guyz I
talk to.. and he was like let me have your sisters number
so I can talk to her... which that also set me off... So I
was like hell nah why u want it anyway? and he wouldnt tell
me... so we just fought over him gettin Krystals number...
and then we were fightin over gangs and all this shit...
then my mom came over to my grams house and yelled at me..
So I finally hung up.. and ended up cryin until 3 am.. I
still went to skool tho....

~~~Thursday April 26, 2001~~~

Me and my mom were out like all day!!! We went food
shoppin... lol and she took me to tha bomb.. this record
store... I had never been in there... but I do know there
is sum hot ass guyz that work there... and like the only
guy in the store waited on me and my mom... So I ended up
gettin 4 cdz which costed like only 45 dollas.... ( Snoop
Dogg, Bouch With Me 1 & 2 and sum cd with Old Skool love
songs on it called Dusty's Grooves). The worker like said
bye 3 times.. and all this.. I was like aww isnt he a
sweetie... lol So I'm goin to be goin in there every week
to pick up a cd.. and it will only cost me like 10-15
dollas... Then at like 8 I had to go to my counselor...
what fun lol lol not!! Me and my mom got out of there at
like 930 alost 10 or sumthin like that.. then I we got home
at like 11... and I went to bed cuz I was tired as hell... a


Damn I tell u.. today has been a long ass day... At
school... Daniell gave me another note sayin that I'm a dog
ass lier.. that I don't have a boyfriend.... That me and he
ugly ass cousin are goin to get married but she dont want
me as a relative... and all I do is flirt with boyz so I
dont have a boyfriend.. what shit huh... So I asked her..
who in the hell do I flirt with? She pointed to this boy
Andrew... I started to laugh my ass off.. and was like...
all I do is talk to him... ( She is jealous cuz I think she
likes him or sumthin) Well I was gettin mad.. and I called
my friend Jessica over to look at the note.. she read it..
and went off on Danille... and durin that time.. somehow
the whole class read the note.. and were like stayin all
kindz of things to Daniell... I mean damn they all put up
for me!!! Even Alfonzo.. I was all like yeah baby... I
didn't know they liked me that much but they do I
guess... :) :) ans Tracy almost fought Danille.. Then after
that class.. I went to my 4th hour teacher and gave her the
note.. Tracy and Jessica came with me... and we told her
what happened... So after lunch I went to my 4th hour
clas.. and Mrs. Williams asked everyone who was in my 3rd
hour class what happened.. and like haft the class were
sayin what happened... So she talked to Danille.. who was
cryin... but I dunno why.. I guess cuz no one was on her
side.. they all were wit me.... so Daniell ended up gettin
sent home.. what a baby... lol.. Then after skool.. I was
walkin down the hallway goin to my locker.. and sumone
touched my shoulder and called my name.. I turned around to
find Alfonzo.. He smiled and was like I'll see ya Monday...
I was like U 2... Have a nice weekend... he was like aight
I will U 2... and I got to my locker.... I was soo happy..
I mean he has never done that.. he always walks pass me...
So I'm guessin he is goin to be talkin to me more.. yay...
and check this out.. I sit by him now in 4th hour.. and the
desks are like really close.. So he keeps hittin me when he
like get sumthing... hehe and I also got his number... and
no he didn't give it to me.. he was givin it to this gurl
who is leavin our skoll and goin home.... and I saw it and
remebered it.. Tricky aint I?? lol ( Can U tell I like him?
¿lol ) Well thats bout all 4 now..I gotta go my pager is
goin off like krazy.. Chuck paged me like 2 times and So
did my sis so bye bye