Book of Shadow and Light
2002-02-13 15:57:41 (UTC)

Hiya, How goes it? Ugh,..

Hiya, How goes it?

Ugh, school is horrible. I hate this place. As a
matter of fact, if it wasn't for this place I would be
typing more often in my journal. Sadly school either keeps
me busy, or I am recovering from that work and laying about
in laziness. Today I type, though.

Well, since I last made a journal entry I have gotten
glasses. It turns out that I am near-sighted and need
glasses. I've pretty much gotten over that and accepted
that I have an imperfection like that. I'm just glad that
it isn't worst. At least with this I just need them when
in class at times. I'm supposed to wear them while driving
too, but... Heh. Maybe. We'll just have to see.

I'd like to keep on going and tell you about some other
things, but I am at this horrible place known as school so
I will have to go. Time to go to my next class. Damn, I
hope today doesn't get any worst. I can't wait 'till the
end of this week.

'Till the Morrow & Goddess Bless