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2002-02-13 14:59:58 (UTC)

Brand new day

After talking to Arpana on the phone yesterday.... I feel
so much better. I just started blabbing and saying what
was on my mind... but I didnt really mention Jonathan...
but I was talking about how I felt alone and unloved and
depressed and miserable... she did too. We felt so much
better after that. She listened after all. I guess I'm
just not open enough when I really should be. So we talked
about that quote about how best friends can sit together
in silence on a porch swing for hours and walk away
feeling as if it were one of the greatest conversations
you ever had. Something like that. We both were telling
each other that we would love to do that, but we were
afraid that the other would think we were boring etc. But
we both agreed that it wasn't. So I'm going to leave soon
to hang out a bit with her before I have class.

I decided to just wait for Jonathan to log on and I'll
talk to him from there. I'm not going to email him or make
much attempt to talking to him unless I happen to see him.
And thats that!