The Humor in Drama
2002-02-13 14:25:15 (UTC)

Learn from your past.

I wouldn't have fucked up my speech.

I wouldn't worry about how many people I meet.

I would do all my work before I got it.

I would be unbreakable from this cycle.

(I just need to keep reminding myself that I can learn from
all these things, and I want to.)

I am learning, but I think I'm learning too slowly. So now
what I need to do is focus on the NYC goal.

I really need to have high grades to get into these places.
I really need to do work and be prepared for everything
they can throw at me. This is an easy semester.

I can do it.

I was enthusiastic at first, but I find myself slipping
into the same pit I did every year of high school. I keep
up for a while, then I drop off.

No drop off. We hit the drop off before it got too bad. Now
I have to pass this next threshold and keep working, only
work harder every time I want to drop off. Do the opposite
of whatever got me trapped under my own laziness in the

Beat my weaknesses.

Not beat...