2002-02-13 13:42:09 (UTC)


Wow! There are some great musicals (as well as other
artistic genres) performing in my area now...

There's Dirty Blond, Fiddler on the roof, Les Miserables,
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, and Kiss Me Kate.

I want to see all of them... I love musicals and all forms
of live entertainment really. The one show I want to see
most of all though is Cirque Du Soleil!!! Quidam is coming
to town... I was gonna get tickets through my dad's
fiancee, but I don't know how much longer they will be

Grrr... I need lots of money. LOL I should be able to go
to at least one event. I remember seeing Phantom Of the
Opera last year, and it was absolutely PACKED... I'm
suprised I didn't freak out by being so near so many
people. This one guy in front of us kept hacking all
through the pretty songs. Talk about gross and rude...
Anyway, I'll get over it.

I would just really like to lose myself in a good musical
sometime this year... I would love it more if Travis were
there with me because he loves this stuff as much as I do.
It's so great that I can share everything with him. There
I go getting all mushy again. Blah. ^_^

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