Evil Elvis
2002-02-13 10:42:21 (UTC)

Sometimes, it just isn't worth the bother...........


Wednesday....I have now not slept for the last 48hours and
am starting to feel the effects..Didn't sleep on Monday
night, due to rain pouring in above my bedroom window....I
put a bucket down, but the noise of the rain hitting the
bucket kept me awake....then I decided to try and seal
where the rain was coming in....then lay awake listening to
the sound of the sealant dripping....and it was very strong
aerosol type smelling, so I was getting very high and not
very tired at all!

To top all this off, when I saw the window in the daylight,
it turns out the sealent was black....the window frame is
white-FUCK! Must buy paint this weekend :)

Also women fucking annoy me! Now this is probably a
sweeping statement, and in truth is probably not true, but
at the moment I am very fucked off!!!

Someone who I haven't thought about for a VERY LONG TIME
got in touch with me....basically an ex of mine. I was
surpirsed but said hi n stuff...not interested in the
slightest in rekindling anything (there's a good reason why
we are exes) anyway....it appears all she wanted to do was
have another go at me about what happened and then get her
boyfriend to give me a hard time! She can fuck off and he
was told to fuck off!!

Life is hard enough at the moment without people from my
dark and distant past returning to haunt me! I am NOT the
same person I was 5 years ago and don't have any desire to
spend time with people I knew then...CUNTS!

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