Mismatched thoughts of a Virgo
2002-02-13 08:45:34 (UTC)

Death and Such

Is it wrong to be used to the precence of death at 16, to
not be able to cry anymore even though something you loved
dearly died? Is it wrong to move on from a death in less
than a week? See my pet rat died and i grew extremly close
to her and i went to my freinds house where i stayed a week
but that doesnt matter but on the day i went she seemed to
have very little energy and had a bloody nose earlyer so i
was worried and took her with me so we were there and we
noticed she kept getting weaker and weaker and then it got
harder for her to breath so i just held her and petted her
until she died. And earlyer in the process of two years my
grandmother, two great grandmothers, 2 betas, a countless
number of fish, my rat, one of my pet mice that was a
favriote. A cat that everyone in my family loved to death,
and countless other deaths because of the world trade
center. But after all that you have to remember that from
every death comes a new life and a new beging because after
my rat died i came home and checked on my mice and it
turned out they had babies, there are 9 of them and they
all survived. Also i got a new rat she seems to be pregnant
which means im up to my ears in rodents and i cant find
them homes. But i also have talked to ghosts to so i know
that the body is a psycial shell we use to comunie with the
world and with nature and after death you have three
choices to choose from. Rebirth, Afterlife, or stay a
spirit. but ... im writing that cause i ran out of things
to write...