Nick's Journal
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2002-02-13 07:20:32 (UTC)

I Hate Joe Yavelak

Damn, i promised myself i wouldn't be writing this entry
but here i am. how bout that joe yavelak? liking taco
bell and shit? returning crayons cos the sky blue was
broken? lordy. ah hell, what can i say, he's my hero,
anyone that has the hairy testicles to return a 64 pack of
crayons to a kroger is my saviour. yes. so on from that.
i have nothing to write about. i've had nothing to write
about. and i will have nothing to write about. my topics
are essentially my life and it is boring. i get up, i
shit, i think, and i sleep. that's my life. what's so
interesting about that? what do i think about you ask?
guinea pigs. guinea pigs dancing, guinea pigs singing,
guinea pigs laughing. etc. it's nothing spectacular. i
wonder about my routine. i wonder about what i want to do
and what i have to do. i hate the fact that i have to
follow a certain schedule to attain certain
satisfactions. i'm sorta like the pac-man. i have to eat
a certain planned direction of pills to get that big one
that helps me eat those other things. or something like
that. i mean for example. i ordered Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles 2 : Secret of the Ooze. ................ yeah,
that's patethic. but i want it. so what's so wrong bout
that? sure there are starving kids around the world that
would use those 9 bucks for some corn but hell, i wouldn't
get my tmnt if they did use it now would i? yeah......
well i'm just a lucky guy. that's all i must say, but i
can still bitch.
just like tha faggot at west end (oh no! the use of the
word faggot :-)). "my cell phone bill is too big, so i
was like, can't my g/f call me at my dorm?" jesus christ.
i'm sure he's the same guy that lobbies for recycled paper
instead of food for starving children. hey all of you
fucks lobbying for recycled paper at virginia tech. get a
life. funds are being cut. we dont' need more
expenditures. you fucks for PETA. you dont' like the
unethical treatment at the circus? hell. i like meat.
it's not like we give the animals knuckle-noogies till
they die. we shoot them int he fucking head like any
decent human being wood. you want the fucks in guatonomo
bay treated humanly? fine. we get the ones who lost loved
ones down there with guns and ammo and let them loose. oh
how just i am.
night nyaka.