my life and thoughts
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2001-04-27 22:48:45 (UTC)

OH my god .that drdre girl

OH my god .that drdre girl pathetic
bitch .. why dont u grow up a lil .. when i read ur
feedback i cant help myself but to laugh ..u dont offend me
at all .. its pretty funny shit if u ask me ..
ahah and u think my life is soo ones life is
perfect...and besides u dont know every lil detail to my
life so why dont u shut the hell up .. dont fucking act
like u know everything .. cause U DONT.. my life is far
from perfect ..and it seems to me like u need to act a lil
more mature ,really do u not have nething better to do but
read ppls diaries and critisize them .. and besides if u
dont like what i write about .uh dont read it .. solves
that problem dont u think .. and i cant write what ever i
damn well please.. this is my diary .. so u can fuck off if
u dont like me .. as far as im concerned
and i really doubt he made a story up that he cheated on
me ..really ..why the hell would someone do that . when he
likes me alot and like is asking me for another chance ..
ahah anyways im sick of expaining myself to ur worthless
ass .. later