2002-02-13 05:59:40 (UTC)

Swirling thoughts

Mr. Wonderful (aka "THE ONE") broke up with me. Said
that he can't give me 110% that I deserve, that his
mind is elsewhere, and he has things to take care of.
Told me it was nothing I did and that there is no one
else. He's not happy with his life and doesn't want to
take it out on me.

If his words are sincere, I trust that they are, and he
does still care then should I hold onto the possibility
that one day we could be together again?

I love him. To doubt any of my feelings for him would
lessen the person I am. I will not reduce myself.

It's been over two months and I've been feeling my way
through the anger, depression, and denial.
I am trying to let go.
Do what needs to be done.
I'm still hurting inside.
How am I suppose to be happy knowing
that you're happier without me?