Peeking into the Fraggle Rockers Mind
2002-02-13 05:21:15 (UTC)

Misbehaving in Hallmark who said that you cant have fun in a Hallmark
store?? There I was looking at the wall of V-day cards
thinking "Dear god". My friend Chrissy went to the mall
with me, and she wanted to get her friend a card. I wanted
all the funny ones, but I think I was just laughign at
everything...not the cards. People kept looking, lol. Then
I made a "what this card really SHOULD say" comment...even
the Hallmark woman laughed. School was good today, got
lots of work done today, and still not tired...uh, is that
a good thing?? lol. Heard this thing today that men should
spend $300 bucks on their significant other/ wife/gf on
Valentines day...uh, men are you listening?? lol. Then they
said that a man should spend $16,000 on their "woman" each
year...holy crap, that is A LOT! I wouldnt expect anyone to
pay that much for stuff, show me love, not a ring I might
loose :-P

Well going to talk to my people online,

Kick it out,