The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-02-13 04:58:36 (UTC)

Busy, busy, busy!

I am going to be sooo busy tomorrow! I have a 9:10 class in
the morning (hopefully I did ok on the test in there in
Monday). Following that I have a 10:20, in which I have to
go administer psychological tests on a fourth grader...
that will be loads of fun (feel the sarcasm here?). Then I
get an hour off for lunch at 12:40, after which I have a
1:50 class (Geology... interesting but pretty hard). Think
my day is over now? Well, guess again... I have to meet
with my presenting group for Saturday so we can finish our
presentation (we are the worst bunch of procrastinators on
the planet!). At 5:00 I have to go to the middle school in
order to observe a site based council meeting (it's going
to put me to sleep... the people ON the site based council
don't even want to go to those things!). Then at 6:30 is
the review session for Thursdays test in Psychology which I
need to get at least an 89% on to get an A in the class...
so I figure if I got to the review I'll get at least that.
Plus, of course, I have homework to do for Thursday...
studing for the Psych exam and reading Darwin's "Origin of
the Species" the most boring book in the world!

At least I don't have to go to my Management class on
Thursday... instead I get to go listen to some guy talk
about the effects of rap music on the African-American
culture while I take notes so I can write a journal entry
for Tuesday.

Geez... how am I going to get all of this stuff done and
still be sane... I may pull all of my hair out before the
day is over... :(

Blah! Now I must go to bed... otherwise I will never make
it through tomorrow!

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