My Life
2002-02-13 04:35:54 (UTC)

dinner w/Terry

Terry called today and he was in town, asked if I'd like to
go to dinner tonight. So i had a hair appt. after work and
then he met me at my house at 6:30, and we went to a nice
place by my house for dinner at the golf club house. It's
one of my favorite dinners. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday so
it's vegetarian for me from now on until Easter.

We had a nice time at dinner, we do enjoy eachothers
company. He liked that restaurant and that was cool. We
talllked quite a bit about stuff, not one mention of
Valentine's Day. Kind of odd but I guess I shouldn't be so
surprised. He just isn't that kind of guy.

We came back to my place and watched a little TV and
laughed and cuddled with Simba. He's sweet to her.

No call or email from Chris............what's the deal?