The Bass Player

Ravings of a Madman
2002-02-13 04:22:26 (UTC)

Sobriety is good

I don't drink or's my dating sobriety. I've
sworn off dating for a while to recoop after the last one
left a footprint where my heart used to be. Not a very big
footprint, but the thing was enough to leave a mark.
Valentine's Day is in two days and me without a valentine.
19 years and going strong; keep it up boys! In good news,
Aaron and I have been working on some new music and it's
starting to come out sounding pretty nice. We've taken a
break from writing lyrics to just focus on music. On my
way out of his neighborhood, some ass honked at me while I
was pulling away from the stop sign (he was behind me). I
don't know why he honked; I guess he was drunk or
hallucinating or something. Go figure. I'm starting to go
to bed earlier so I can get some actual rest, so I'd better
go now. Nothing much to think, nothing much to say. As
Megzilla always says, Retal.