a rop through my mind....
2002-02-13 03:38:25 (UTC)

the way things are.....

ok, so i've come to the conclusion (no, not recently,
sometime last YEAR!) that night classes suck, three hours
of the same subject, even if it is interesting, is just too
much, yes 3 hour labs are ok, but at 6pm the last thing
anyone wants to do is sit in class till 9pm.....oh, linear
algebra, though easy is tedious and long and drawn out, but
mildly amusing....

on a different note, this thing just ate half of the entry i just
wrote, it was long too.....

let me sum up wat was written...

long day

helped seniors do comp sci homework

want white board in my room so i don't have to use the chalk board in
gurley 105 the new math lab......"white board on a roll" is
preferable, if you know how to find some, let me know....

"black monday" by lowest of the low is a beautiful song, d/l it if
you get the chance.....

linear algebra, though tedious, is easy and mildly amusing....

if this thing eats another elequently written entry of mine (yes i
used the word elequent in referance to my writing) i'm
something bad....

mom and maybe sara (sister) is/are coming out to visit on sunday :):)

hung out with casandra (my other sage big sister) today :):)

chem res starts too early

marriott food is yucky

and i'll stop waisting your time now....thanks