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2002-02-13 03:03:28 (UTC)


i saw weezer last nite with allie, pat and mark. it was
one of the best nites ever. ozma was amazing, saves the
day was alright, but weezer just blew me away like last
time. it was such a euphoric experience. mark said he
looked back at me during only in dreams and i was just like
in a trance. i was too. weezer is such an amazing live
band and that has to be my favorite song they play live.
pat, mark, and i had a discussion about it on the way home
and we decided the best way one could describe the song
especially the great ending is it is simply orgasmic! if
anyone is to see them live they'll know exactly what i
mean. its such a beautiful thing, it makes me so happy
just thinking about it.

i've decided that i'm not joining softball this year. i
was dragged to the meeting today and i looked around the
room and was taken aback by how much i didn't want to be on
the same team as most of the girls there. maybe i've
turned into a bitch but i hate girls and i don't want to
put up with their crap again this year.

i was just reminded by allison how much we laughed last
nite. pat is a funny kid and being around him makes
everyone funny. it felt good to laugh till it hurts. it
felt good to sing spice girls with mark and allie on the
ride home. the whole nite just felt good, almost magical.
i needed that. i needed to be happy. its good to feel
happy right now.

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