my life (as told by me)
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2002-02-13 02:35:17 (UTC)

happy/sad day

um it's the 12th. once again i'm not totally sure because i
really dont care what day it is, as long as i make it
through the day alive. lol. anyways, i woke up a little
late this morning, but i still had enough time to get
ready. kinda nice knowing you got those few minutes to
watch tv with your little brother before you leave.
anyways, school was really interesting today. we had a
really really really random band rehersal. mr earwax came
and we clapped for him cuz he had a baby earwax. and there
was this really creepy guy sitting in the corner of the
band room. doing what, we have no clue. but we got a
suprize in math...a sub. lol. we did nothing as usual. and
i have no clue what we're doing in math considering i
missed monday due to a flutey lesson, in which i was told i
never stop talking. so i told hawthorne i'd stop and he
told me it would never happen. but it happened. lol. big
suprize. but anyways, i finished my 5 hour course today,
which was actually only 4. the guy was really weird, but i
passed. now i'm gonna call for my test and hopefully take
it in april over break. so ok that was the good part of my
day. and i get home and i'm online, right...and my dad
yells at me for one of my friend's profiles...he got mad
cuz it said a "bad word" and then....he yelled at me for my
god he's so bah sometimes. it's like HELLO?!?! welcome to
the 21st century. ok that's enough about that. all i have
to say now is he's been on my mind........a that
was my whole global class, and then my whole 5 hour course
too. god i really like him. um, we might have a snowday
tomorrow! and if not, than atleast an hour delay...we're
all hoping...even though next week is break. well, bed time.