a little piece of me
2002-02-13 02:28:09 (UTC)

day off

today has been pretty boring and rather uneventful. i
haven't done jack shit all day. made some v-day cards for
my ma and granny, but that was about it. i was in the mood
to do something artistic, so that's what i did. they're
pretty dorky, but oh well.

let's see...what else? oh, i talked to scott last night.
he's pretty funny and a really cool guy. i'll be surprised
if he ever talks to me again! i was so wound up last
night. i was practically bouncing off the walls! he
probably thinks i'm a total flake. that's alright. i've
settled down a little today. still in a good mood, just
not wound up tighter than a rubber band lol.

i don't want to go to class tomorrow. i just don't. i was
supposed to get some research thingy done, but i didn't do
it. he didn't give us an exact deadline, so i'm not going
to bother until later. i'll try to have it done by the end
of the week. that should be good enough. well, damn.
have to have it done by thurs, cause ma and granny are
coming. oh well. john might be coming this weekend, too.
that would be cool. i really hope he can make it this

alright, that's enough. bye bye everyone.


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