What's up now?
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2002-02-13 00:31:26 (UTC)


I had a very not so good day was just well,
really really crazy!!! But it feels really good to know
that you have support from people that care :) Thanks
Rachel! So it started off alright, I was excited to be
going to get my hair re-highlighted, and I went to the
Beauty College in town....uuugh! NEVER again!! They
fucked it up, and now I have to go out of my way and go
back there she couldnt see she fucked up and
just fixed it then!! Its pretty noticable!! anyways, so
my day was iffy from then on...As you all know I have been
having issues deciding what I want to do and what my major
should I took the plunge today...I went and talked
to my new advisor...She was great, and I'm pretty sure I'm
happy to say, I'm a Psych major now...I may change
back...but I signed it today...:) Maybe I'm taking a
little control, however, I could just be spinning outta
control. What do you think about this? Lemme know, cus
seriously, I have no freaking idea what I am doing!!!