mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-02-12 23:34:23 (UTC)

clinicians & dr's -do they really want to help ????

i have reached a conclusion , and it is this - the only
thing that dr's and clinicians are really concerned with is
your money . They have absolutly no concern for the patient
that they are trying to help. How did I reach this
conclusion? Let me tell you. I have been in counseling for
a while. I moved in with my fiancee in another state , and
now I cant find any clinics or dr's or clinicians ,ANYBODY
willing to see me and accept my insurance as payment for
their service. I am on a very limited income, my ex-wife
gets almost 1/2 of my pay every week, and i got my own
bills to worry about. Does anyone care about my bills, HELL
NO ! -when you call clinicians all they tell you is this
is my fee, your ins will pay this much , you are
responsible for the balance. If you cant afford this, I'm
sorry , you have to go somewhere else.
So, you continue to look around, and guess what??? There
is not 1 single person on this planet that wants to really
help you, all everyone is truly concerned with is how much
can you pay me ?? If you cant pay me what I want , tough
shit, get away from me. These are people that are supposed
to be concerned with you , people who are supposed to be
compassionate. The only thing that want is your money.
that is why there are so many people w/problems, because
those that are trained to help only want your money.
Well all i can say is FUCK ALL OF YOU ! - you are supposed
to want to help, so why wont you help ?? try putting the
person BEFORE the payment, not the other way around, then
more people will be helped.....