Lisa Ann

Ups & Downs
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2001-04-27 17:19:15 (UTC)

Math, Green Day, My Sweetie

The math test asolutly sucked! It was all on
probability, so of course it contained questions that I had
to think about. The teacher had four pages of them to do!
It was crazy! Sometimes I think my teacher believes the
class is full of geniouses. It isn't.
Right after I finish writing this I have to go and pick
up my Green Day tickets. Laura, one of my best friends,
jiped me on the night. She said she can't go! AAHHHH!!!
I don't hate her or anything, I understand completely, but
on the inside I am screaming! I wanted her to go! We would
of had a blast. I guess, I will have to find someone
I get to spend the end of my night with my babe, aka my
boyfriend Matt. I am not sure what we are doing, and
honestly I don't care. I just want to spend some time with
him. It doesn't matter what we do. Just as long as it
includes him and I. I love Matt so much. He means the
world to me. It's nice to have him there at the end of
every week to talk to. My ups and downs. Out of the whole
world right now... Matt knows me the most, inside and out.
He takes me for who I am, not for who he wants me to be.
********I love Matt***********
Bye everyone... take care. Rock hard and fly free.