My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-02-12 23:17:25 (UTC)


Abe's birthday, no school, HOORAH!

Me Kara Kel and Jenna all went to the mall today to pick
out some clothes for vise versa... theme you ask? hoe- gay, i want disco!! hehe. but we did find some
VERY** cute clothes, we decided to go original and unique.

Jenna bought- a long light suede coat that goes down to
her ankles (no joke... this looks so awesome on her)and
she got a tan top that's got slits in the sleeves, which
is adorable, and a DARK blue-jean skirt... altogether it
looks GREAT!

Kara bought- a white tanktop that has tennie ruffle things
going from one sholder to the waist-line, and these kick-
arsh jeans that are dark but faded in places, with a small
seam in the front of the leg... so cute! i wish i got a

it was fun, we got to dress up Kel!! waaaahaha. her normal
outfit consists of lose fitting jeans and hoodies and/or t-
shirts (which are *REALLY* cute... like the strawberry
shortcake one she wore today) but still, she needs to be
dressed up ONCE in a while... sorry kel, hehehe, we had
her get this really cute shirt, not to tight... no to
showy either...all good, it was white with a tiny browm
trim and has dark brown, jazzed-out butterfly on the front
(big&snazzy... so cute), and a belt, it's big and made out
of leather circles with metal holey stud thingys in it...
it wouldn't fit her by itself, she's got big hips, so we
had to be creative (me & Kara that is...)we had her got
this other belt that matched her brown one... you poke
this one through the holes and tie it together!!! i know
it sounds gay but it REALLY LOOKS GOOD! we were so happy
with ourselves, lol!

I got a beigish-tan shirt... it's basically a tan halter
top, with this thick, not so very holey lacey stuff on the
top... it looks like a tank top but on one sleve there is
extra material that covers on sholder... it is soo neat...
i think i'll try to find a pattern at wal-mart that looks
like it and make myself another one... THEN i got a suede
jacket to top it all off... looks great!! now all i need
to find is a blue jean skirt... i have to boots... OH
YEAH! lol, they're what Nick & Andy & my brother call
hooker/prostitute boots. they mock me now...but just LET
them wait, lol.

and next week... me & kel are taking nick to get clothes
for him for v.v. (they're gonna look so CUTE together!
hehe) he doesn't have much to go for dressy clothes, he
usually just wears t-shirts, even to church, lol. he told kelly he
was gonna wear sweatpants. HAHA! he would do it too. he's crazy.
but that'll be QUITE an adventure...muaahaha.

Later Days,

Kara Jo