2002-02-12 23:05:54 (UTC)


I better go ahead and hit this thang up now because my next
couple of days are going to be busy. Well, I started back
to work yesterday. I joked around about my absense or
whatever....overall though...it was straight. Joe came
through drive-thru last nite and I was really mean to him.
I think he couldn't believe I was treating him like that.
It was kind of funny. I told him that I was going to charge
him for water and he got loud with me and told me to stop
tripping. Okay, whatever! He'll be okay. Anyway, I don't
know what I'm going to do for Valentine's Day. Jacan and
Dee want to do something for LV, which is a good plan, but
I still want to go to the game. Oh yeah, Region Tournament
is at our school this year. I will get a chance to see
Darayl. He called me last nite, but I wasn't at home. I
will probably give him a call tonite. We will probably end
up taking LV out to eat or something. After I do a little
homework, I'll probably go get him a card. I was going to
get Kellen a card and a "Kiss-Kiss" bear, but I didn't get
his mailing address in time. Willie was suppose to come
through for me, but I still don't have it. Speaking of
Willie, that boy is a mess. Everytime we email each other,
he always has to argue about something I said. I called
him "lil man" and I got a whole email about how he is NOT
a "lil man" Okay! Back to the bear, okay, I wanted to give
Kellen one bear and I keep the other. I don't know what
made me think of the concept, but I thought that would be
sweet. Put some points under my name!(smiles) But anyway, I
love V-Day. I mean, I never have a boyfriend or anything,
but I just love it. I love the colors and the little, korny
cards that are given out. Honestly though, I like it
because it means only two more weeks until my birthday.
Being real! LOL. Another subject, I'm a punk. I emailed
Leroy and apologized for how I was acting. I don't expect
him to respond because I know he is fed up with how I act.
I would be too. I haven't always been this way though. I
use to be sweet and not bitchy towards him. I guess I've
made a change....maybe he has too. Well, the next time I
hit this thing up, it may be Sunday. Friday there is a TAPS
dance in Macon and Saturday, I will go to the games. I
refuse to pay to get into the games too. I've never had to
pay for a Baldwin bball game. And I will not start now!