Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2001-04-27 16:47:14 (UTC)

The last time with CG.

Weird. Last night all that I could think of was C.G. and
wouldn't you know it, he showed up at the bar. This is
strange because he's not the bar type. Anyways, we drank a
bit and ended up walking home with A.K. & J.D. and we all
came to my place, then the other two left & C.G. and I
ended up doing our usual talk/sex/cuddle thing. This time
it ended badly though, I said something pretty mean about
not being good enough to be his wife and he got pissed off
and left. I just talked to him a few minutes ago on the
phone and apologised, he said HE was at fault (kinda was
really, but I was also really mean) so we're on okay terms.
He left some of his things here so after I go to the Dr.
I'm gonna drop them off. Tonight I'm supposed to hang out
with S.C.