Squeeb's world
2002-02-12 21:38:11 (UTC)


Figure skating has got to be THE most unfair sport I swear.
I was appalled in the 1998 games in Nagano with the whole
Ice Dancing situation and the fact that Shae-Lynn (Bourne)
and Viktor (Kraatz) deserved the bronze and came in 4th. Now
here in 2002 it's a debate over the Pairs'. Jamie Sale and
David Pelltier (Canadian of course) skated flawlessly and so
gorgeously and sooooo deserved the gold but noooooo it was a
5-4 decision for the Russian pair. The Communist Block
countries gave them the first place vote when the Russian
male had a bobble on the side by side pair jump- he touched
his free leg down. I watched the whole thing and was
incensed. Nare a mistake was made by the Canadians and I'm
not being biased on this one at all. A poll was taken today
and 95% of respondents think that Jamie and David should
have won. They're talking about an appeal because it was
clearly unfair. I just watched the press conference and
Jamie and David don't want all the fuss made over them. They
know in their hearts that they performed their best and they
know they deserved the gold but they say that is enough.
What's done is done. The funniest part though was the
warm-up. Jamie so wasn't watching what she was doing and
skated smack into the Russian pair- took him out good too.
Maybe THAT'S why the Communist Block countries voted in
favour of the Russians- who knows. But it's without saying
that Jamie and David deserved the gold. There's a whole
bunch of conspiracy theories going on right now as to why
they didn't win. And most of it's not nice either. Damn
biased sport. Anyhoo...

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