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My Saga
2002-02-12 21:33:40 (UTC)

I wrote an entry the other..

I wrote an entry the other day... but being the remarkably
talented person I am, I somehow managed not to post it...
but since I have no ide awhat it was about, moving on...
Prom is already annoying. Any time we start to get a group
together, it promptly falls apart. And it's not like I
have any idea who I'd go with anyways... so I'm liking
Mere's invitation... she's getting together a group of
us... just girls, and we'll go, and hang out, and have fun,
no pressure. It still feels kinda sucky to say "no, i
don't have a date", but unlike most people, I'm not totally
co-dependant, so I can cope.
Blah, blah. Mel ansd I worked on cow-a-bungee for a little
while today. Mel is so much fun... but she and Anish are
really uptight about there relationship... it's kinda
weird; sweet, but weird.
Phoenix again tonight... just a few more weeks....